Spicy East African Root Ginger Kick (Sharing Case: 12 x 140ml, 4-Flame Heat)

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Recipe #39 "The Fiery One": Cold-Pressed Ginger, Lime & Mint, Blended with Maple Syrup & Still Water.
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A longer form, more flavourful Ginger Shot: the Ginger Kick rounds off the harshness of raw Ginger & Lime with smooth Maple Syrup & fresh Mint. From extra strength East African Ginger for a real health kick. From a 100% natural, five-ingredient home recipe in Islington - and made in Devon. No extracts or preservatives.
Natural, Spicy Ginger Drink Made with Cold-Pressed Ugandan Ginger Root
Vegan and Gluten-Free
12 x 140ml
May contain natural Ginger sediments
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