Our Founder

Three years ago, Will woke up from a general anaesthetic and decided – one day – to shake up the world of

non-alcoholic Ginger Beer.


The idea was simple: bridge the taste gap between the sickly-sweetness of existing Ginger Beers and the zingy punch of a Ginger Shot. 


In Summer 2020, he finally started brewing and tinkering with Ginger flavour. By batch 25, the recipe was getting close; he left his management consulting job and founded The Root Co in Feb 2021.

Now he makes drinks full-time: trying to revolutionise Ginger Beer, yes, but also overhauling the 'normal' way of doing things by cold-pressing everything. And keeping the recipe simple, natural and healthy.

 "I am extremely proud of the distance we have covered in the last three months. We have jumped over our fair share of hurdles to produce a great-tasting drink in a good-looking can.

 We are now ready to face the next challenge. This is just the beginning for The Root Co. On we go!"

 - Will, Founder 


"Even as early as recipe number ten, we had a fresher, spicier and more-natural tasting Ginger Beer than anything we had tried before"

- Will, Founder

February 2021

Will strides confidently into the world of Ginger Beer, and starts sampling activities across London via bicycle delivery. From Stratford to Kew Gardens!

March 2021

We launch our first stall in Camden Passage, collecting feedback to nail down our Ginger Beer. We move the pieces to scale our kitchen recipe for canning in April.

April 2021

Things kick off! We import one tonne of fresh Ugandan Ginger and move through the gears to produce 16,000 cans of cold-pressed East African Root Ginger Beer.

May & June 2021

We launch our website and start selling cans! Positive feedback comes pouring in from across the UK. We onboard 15 independent retailers, and we feature in the Ham & High, a local paper.

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