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 5 Simple Ingredients 


 Ugandan Ginger Root 


 Fresh Lime & Zest 


 Fresh Mint Leaves 


 Maple Syrup 


 Spring Water 

Fresh Ginger Root
from Uganda
- via Kenya

We directly imported one metric tonne of Ugandan Ginger for cold-pressing. This Root comes straight from a farmer's market in central Uganda, and is one of the world's spiciest species.
Academic research has shown a strong link between East African Ginger Root (Rhizome) and higher concentrations of Gingerol. This is the bioactive compound that yields several natural health benefits, including anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-nausea. Read more about the science behind amazing African Ginger here.

The operation was carefully coordinated from Nairobi by the fantastic Jules Roberts and actioned by fresh produce expert Hellen Ndung'u and her team. They washed, dried and packed 1,000kg of fresh Ginger root in Kenya before it landed here in the UK.
Image by Юлія Вівчарик
Image by amy lynn grover

Vegan, Organic Limes from Colombia

We were careful to source Limes at their juiciest in Spring, whilst keeping an eye on their organic and vegan credentials.

We tried to find a source for fresh Limes in season, and were delighted to work with Natoora to secure organic supply, too. We use the fragrant zest of the Limes in our vegan-friendly Ginger drinks, so this time round we used unwaxed limes (as the majority of waxed Limes use shellac, which isn't vegan).

Our Limes come from Colombia, after the sunshine in the Southern Hemisphere through Jan, Feb & MarchA classic pairing with Ginger, the acidity of the Lime juice adds complexity and freshness to the overall taste.

Limes are also naturally high in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants, enhancing the immunity boost that our Ginger drinks can provide.

Fresh Mint from the UK

We didn't have to look very far to get amazing fresh Mint to grind up and cold-press with our Ginger and Lime.

We worked with a wholesaler local to our production in Devon, who source Mint leaves from Valley Farm, just outside of Kent.

We know that Mint works with Ginger (part of the classic Moscow Mule recipe after all), but we were also attracted by its functional benefits for easing stomach problems. The Ginger and Mint one-two should help sort you out.
Image by Shaun Meintjes

Maple Syrup

from Canada

We use award-winning Pure Maple Syrup, refined from the sap of Maple Trees in Quebec.

The harvest season typically runs from March to April. Maple Trees draw up the snowmelt, which percolates back down the tree absorbing sugar crystals. This forms Maple Sap which is carefully collected with 'spiles'. Sap is gently tapped-off, whilst preserving the health of the tree.

Once gathered, the sap is filtered and reduced down into its sweetest form: the Maple Syrup we know and love!
We choose to blend Maple Syrup into our drink for two main reasons:

(1) Maple Syrup gives a delicious caramel note to our drink, which compliments the Zingerone from the Ginger. This is a spicy-sweet compound that forms when Ginger is heated.

(2) It is also a low-calorie alternative to sugar, with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties; it is of course vegan and natural, too.